Nothing Beats the Power of the Big Red Truck!

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Its more than just a slogan! Our Pringle Power-Vac truck delivers many times more suction power than any other area air duct cleaner!

Air Duct Cleaning Services is northeast Kansas' premiere air duct cleaning company! We've been providing excellent professional service since 1991 for residential and commercial customers in the Topeka area!

Air Duct Cleaning Services

How Does AIR DUCT CLEANING SERVICES clean your Air Ducts?

Air Duct Cleaning ServicesWe attach an eight inch hose from the main supply and return ducts in your system to our powerful Truck Mounted Vacuum.


With our patended "Viper" air whip system we agitate the dirt and debris from each vent to the main supply duct.

Then with powerful compressed air equipment, we clean the main duct supply and return sides to the vacuumhose, where the dirt, dust and allergens are sucked out of your home.


Then we air clean and vacuum the furnace blower motor fan and (when possible), the evaporator coil on your air conditioning system.


What system does AIR DUCT CLEANING SERVICES use?

Air Duct Cleaning Services uses the "Push-Pull" Method of Duct Cleaning. In most homes we use our "Big Red Truck", the strongest duct cleaning vacuum in the area. This system uses External Extraction - which means the vacuum is on the OUTSIDE of your home!



“The preferable method of air duct cleaning is external extraction, pulling debris out of the air ducts, out of the house and depositing it outside. Truck mounted power vacuum equipment has many advantages over industrial hand vacuums in this area”



Dr. Michael Berry, Ph.D
Deputy Director
US Environmental Protection Agency
Criteria and Assessment Office
September 14, 1990


In situations where the ductwork to be cleaned is limited, (apartments, small homes, townhomes, or systems using mostly 'flex duct'), or in some remote vent locations - we have the Mac 2500 Mobile Air Cleaner with HEPA Filtration. Our professional duct cleaning technicians are experienced in using this lower power vacuum effectively.


In an attempt to make up for the shortcomings of their vacuum, some  introduce “Sealers” into the metal ductwork to mask the dirt they can’t reach! Those sealers can flake off in time and cause a more serious problem than before they did the job..

“Specific tests have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of spraying sealers into the duct work. The results show that materials  introduced this way DO NOT provide a complete coating of the duct surface...Chemical coatings introduced into the duct work by the atomization process will not seal the surface and will alter the surface burning characteristics of the duct material, voiding and assurance of fire safety.


TIMA, Thermal Insulation Manufacturers Association or Alexandria VA

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